Time To Change

The current world economic situation, changes in the economy of various countries, abrupt changes in exchange rates of national currencies, give rise to new opportunities for professional equipment manufacturers.

We are a company operating in three continents and we have the opportunity to choose the highest quality product at minimal cost.

We apply deep integrations production, minimizing as much as possible the cost of the expense of most of the operations on its own production base.

Hundreds of successful installations of our customers proves the efficiency of our model. We have enabled our customers to get quality equipment at affordable prices and receive high-quality service.

How We Do It

  • All responsible parts we buy in Germany and Italy - it gives us the opportunity to offer you World-Class Quality.
  • All reliable, but not high-tech items we buy in China - it gives us the opportunity to offer you quality at a Lowest Price.
  • Production of body elements and assembling equipment are made in Russia, the low price of labor allows us to use the best Russian masters in the European system of quality control, which ensures high reliability at low cost.
  • In the US we have a stock of Pallet Wrappers, Accessories and Spare Parts. Out technical office install and provide technical support in the United States.

Where we are

All machines are available in stock in a Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ready to be shipped to anywhere in the US.

Spare parts can be shipped the next day after ordering. If necessary, we carry out a service engineer in travel to anywhere in the US.

Thus we can offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market.